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Individual Coaching Programs

Customized  programs to meet your needs blending health and life coaching with someone who gets it and really cares.

Group Coaching Programs

Autoimmune Freedom Female Project 

Starts September 19,2018.

The 14 Day Cleanse

This program promotes big changes  in your energy and health quickly.


Devorah Werner helps people achieve results.

Julie Sevenson reviewed Gateway to Wellness -

 March 8,2018 · 

I will be the first to admit I had no idea what was being offered at first. I jumped in knowing I could be a better version of myself and anything else would be a plus! Little did I know so many wonderful things were possible within me. Devorah has a gifted way of helping find those many wonderful things which is why she is "the coach"!


March 6, 2018 · 

I worked with Devorah and benefitted greatly from her masterful coaching skills. She has wonderful intuition and helped me dig deeper to recognize underlying behavior patterns that were causing me to repeatedly get the same results. She guided me in considering new ways of framing the issue that were consistent with the the outcome I was desiring. The entire time I worked with her she was gentle and supportive, and allowed progress to unfold at my pace. Thank you Devorah, I look forward to working with you again in the future!


January 31 at 9:32am · 

Devorah was a great coach through the 14 day cleanse. She asked a lot of questions to find out exactly how the program was going for me. She provided much support and offered ideas for a little flexibility on the program. Thanks, Devorah!

Life and Health Coaching

Why would a clinician offer life and health coaching?

When one is trained in Western medicine and has over 30 years of medical experience, why make changes?    The answer is quite simple.  After one faces their own health challenges, struggles and triumphs, the need to help others in not negotiable.  I really couldn't unlearn and ignore all the miracles in my own life.  I only had one choice.   I had to take off my white jacket , to share my truth, strength and hope.  I needed to be a leader and help others. 

 As a coach, I put the power back in YOUR hands.

In addition to coaching, I  have written Healing Hearts: Inspirational Journey, offer Reiki and  professional supplements.  I have lots of tools to help.  Take your time and look over my website.

Thanks for visiting!!  Peace and wellness!!
 Devorah Werner, Certified Health and Life Coach

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