Clutter Buster Course



Are you sick and tired of the piles of items in your home, office, and car?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to sort, organize, and rid your clutter, but instead of shrinking it is growing?

Clearing clutter can feel like a never-ending battle and it doesn’t have to be.  

What if have the right system, support and accountability would make all the difference?  

Are you ready to address your clutter in a new way?

Here is the course which will provide you information, coaching and support in the comfort of your own home.

 What is your clutter costing you?  Can you afford to continue ignoring it?

Course objectives:
-Learn about types of clutter.
-Identify your clutter hot spots.
-Develop goals to make more space in your life for what you want.
-Learn tools and techniques to deal with your clutter.

Course includes:
- Four 45 minute coaching sessions in the comfort of your home.
- Private Facebook page for support.
- Weekly assignments.
- Clutter clearing book from top author in the field.


Course Outline

Week 1 - Definition of clutter.  Learn about different forms of clutter.  

Learn about a technique to clear clutter.  Identify your clutter spots during the coming weeks.

Week 2 - Explore hidden messages in physical clutter.  Examine your clutter hotspots.  

Week 3 - Define mental clutter and learn how to manage it. 

Week 4 -  Review your progress. Time for Q & A and looking toward the future. 

Cost for course $167

Offering Dates:  

Clutter Buster Wednesday,April 11th , April 18, April 25 and May 2, 2018

Clutter Buster Thursday, April 12, April 19,  April 26, and May 3, 2018

For questions or more information, contact Devorah directly at or leave a message at (406) 952-4088.

Note: Registration and payment will need to be done prior to the course for all participants.

 Maximum class 10 participants. 

***Limited space and will fill quickly.  

Sign up today by clicking on the registration link below!