It's About you


So let’s start here (check all that apply):

I’m here because I…

  1. need help with my anxiety.
  2. wish to create a loving relationship with myself.
  3. want to rekindle my dreams and desires.  I want to plan activities and develop strategies to reach them. 
  4. need to learn to put myself first after so many years of taking care of others.  I want to retire my people pleaser jersey.
  5. want to be in control of emotions instead of them controlling me.

GOOD NEWS, my friend! There is no wrong answer.

If any or all of the above apply, you’re in the right spot.


Hi! I’m Devorah Werner, and it’s my goal to help you take MY TIME and make it your own.  You deserve a life of joy, possibilities and fun.  Right now you don’t believe any of these exist for you.  

I’m known by most of my clients as the “Intuitive and Gifted Coach" because I’m all about helping my clients find their why, develop a plan and then hold them accountable with love and fierceness.  It is my job to hold a sacred space for them with belief and absolution before they often can.  Simply put you are going to throw lots of obstacles and limitations in front of yourself during our journey together.  It will be my responsibility to point to the door and hold it open as you transform your beliefs, habits and life.

When you work with me, you’re never left alone in the dark.  We uncover your light and beauty.

We’re a team!


Here's who I really am...


I’m a self-proclaimed ‘vessel of change  and life long learner’ who is believes in the power of humans to overcome anxiety, loss and limitations through the power of coaching.  

I help individuals with even the smallest flame of hope grow their courage and confidence as they transform their health and life in ways unimaginable.

I’ve have worked in the medical field for 30 years.  I started my career as a registered dietitian.  I have always held to my nutrition roots as the foundation of any of my work.  I then earned a Master's of Social Work.  For the past 20 plus years, I have worked as a Physician Assistant in Family Medicine.  I am a health and life coach, Reiki Master and author of Healing Hearts: Inspirational Journey. I have endless hours of coaching individuals on all health and life issues with a focus on holistic and emotional wellness.  I have invested in my education and my own healing journey including paying for coaching services.  


On a personal note...


I love the outdoors and mountains and try to hike as often as possible.

A few random facts about me.

  • I am married and have two wonderful daughters.
  • I am a native Texan and grew up playing whatever sports I could.
  • I went to visit Israel after high school and stayed for 2 years.
  • I traveled in Europe for 2 months with only a backpack at 18 years old.
  • I have a desire to hike all the National Parks in the United States.
  • I am a curious observer of Tiny Homes.

Finally, here is my unusual and incredible story.

  There was a time not so long ago where anxiety, fears and panic were destroying my health, self confidence and in general making me feel like a failure.  My childhood was filled with trauma, mental illness in the family undiagnosed and untreated.  Everything looked fine on the outside and yet surviving day to day was mostly the norm.  There was a lot of secrets and shame.  I feared people becoming close to me as they might not want to stay if they "knew what my life was really like".   Sadly, I was my worst critic.  Unfortunately, childhood trauma increases the risk adult trauma,  being in abusive environments, avoiding conflict at all cost and can lead to chronic illnesses including autoimmune disorders.  I was unknowingly attracting similar negative situations toward me as it was familiar.   I had  therapy and yet I continued to struggle and tolerate unhealthy environments and didn't value myself.   I had so many triggers of situations and places that just set my anxiety off .  I lost out on opportunities to explore, have fun and live a full life.  

Sound familiar?  What are the options available to someone? Medication, addiction, avoidance, not feeling worthy all possible outcomes for many.  My turning point was after being hit by a car causing my anxiety to worsen and my world shrinking before my eyes.  In addition to the anxiety, I now had grief and loss to deal with.  Then finally enough really was enough.  I finally got sick and tired of being STUCK and not having any solutions.  I began my road to reclaiming my life.  Many modalities helped including coaching (one on one and group).   Over the past few years I have made huge strides.   I am a different person and have a better life.  

 I thought if I could turn my life around after so many years of ingrained thought patterns and negative beliefs that it was possible for others.  Yes, I do get anxious at times and can be triggered.  The differences are that when this happens I don't stay stuck, unable to stop looping in my negativity and reliving my past.  I have learned so much from doing my own work and have a whole bag of tools.    This is a way of life that I didn't even know existed.  I now take my own experiences and growth and help others.  I have studied and have significant training.  Regardless of credentials. I have healed enough to share  my story right here with you now.  If you are still suffering or feel stuck, I am ready to help you. You may have anxiety, grief and loss or simply feel stuck and know that your life could be better.  There is a part of you unwilling to stop trying and looking for answers.  I believe that things happen for a reason.  There is a reason you are reading my story at this time.  It is not an accident or a mistake.  

Here is your challenge.  Are you going to step into courage or run from fear?  Here is your call to action and the next step you will need to take.  Reach out to me or another coach or healer.  You can do this.  Here is the truth.  If you do nothing, then your future will look the same tomorrow and the next day and so on.  If you reach out to me and take the first step, to trust a stranger, and to find that crack of hope then possibilities are endless for your life to be better.    

i want more

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My Education

Formal Education


My name is Devorah Werner

  • Health Coach
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Masters of Social Work
  • Physician Assistant
  • Reiki Master
  • Author
  • Resource Guru

I have blended my skills and  continue my own personal growth.


With my extended training in various medical fields, I have a lot to offer in information, resources and support.  I do not perform lab tests, interpret test results, prescribe medication or perform any medical interventions as your health and life coach.