my time

Raising a Family and Now...

Imagine you have raised your children. You are in your 40's , 50’s or early 60’s.   It's finally your time to enjoy and plan -freedom from responsibility.  Dreams of travel, exploration and fun.  You have put your needs last for so many years. 

 Poof- it’s here or near. Days on the beach, exploring new cities, climbing that mountain range who knows the sky is the limit.   

Road Trip!

Pull out the Samsonite suitcase and load it up -it's your choice:

  •  Pack your pills or your dreams. 
  • Pack your debt or your wealth. 
  • Pack your clutter or unlimited possibilities.
  •  Pack your worry or joy. 

Too Bad...

 What happened?

  • It is too late. 
  • I’m stuck.
  • Too set in my ways.
  • Too sick...not fair. 

Not This Time!


The alarm rings and it was all a bad dream 

Delete Delete 

Right now is the time to declare your intention -

Hell No this isn’t going to be me.

 Hit that snooze button one more time and it will be your reality. 

Take Action

Choice is yours. Spend your  younger or middle years of life  anxious and tired or declare MY TIME. 

Please read about the various programs below.

Real Results

Moving experience below.


July 1 at 11:05 AM · 

This is the best thing that could have happened for me. I had no doubt that I was too far gone & too broken for anyone to find the pieces that used to be me, let alone be willing to put all that darkness back together and show me it was actually light. I was the one casting shadow over all of it. Being curious about Reiki, I had one (amazing) session with Devorah. From there, though I had no thoughts of anything further, I felt a shift in my inner being. I didn’t know what changed, only that I wanted more change. Devorah gave me the strength & courage to believe in myself, and still having doubts, I signed up for her coaching program. Devorah is so kind, gentle, honest and intuitive beyond anyone I’ve ever known. She teaches different perspectives & options, never tells you what to do but asks first if you’re willing to try to do or see something in a different way. She’s there to guide you, not push you. You are always in control. You may think nothing is changing but when you look back, so much of yourself has grown. Situations you encounter that would have put you in a tailspin become manageable, you react differently because Devorah has given you a toolbox full of other options. I could go on for a long time here, but I already have. I’ll just end by telling you
That I doubt you ever have or will again meet someone like Devorah. If you’re sick & tired & lost & hopeless, call Devorah. She will make an unbelievable difference in your life.

Programs & prices

The above programs may be renewed. Some clients like to start off with the smaller packages and others like the savings of the larger package.


Contact me directly for availability and to schedule.

Intake Form

Please complete the form and send it to me.  Make sure to review the options above  for coaching  before your MY TIME Discovery Session.

Please contact me with any issues in downloading @

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Schedule MY TIME Discovery session

How to decide if coaching is for you?

Coaching Is A Fit If...

  • You are ready for change.
  • You are willing to do the work.
  • You want more energy.
  • You want more joy in your life.
  • You  want to thrive in your life.
  • You want support and accountability.
  • You want to love yourself.
  • You want to feel empowered.

Coaching Is Not A Fit If....

  • You want to stay stuck.
  • You want someone else to do the work.
  • You want to feel drained.
  • You want to feel stressed.
  • You want to be a victim.
  • You want to continue to do it your way.
  • You want to keep the critic inside.
  • You want to be powerless.

You Dream Of A Better Life

 Read about the various programs above.  If it is right for you, click the link above and schedule your MY TIME Discovery Session or contact me.


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